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Dedicated Functions

• Square-ups and Right Angles! Percent Grade and Slope keys give you instant Right Angle solutions for Diagonals; easily stakeout Drops, Ramps, Trenches and More!

• Weight per Volume (Lbs, Tons, Kg)! Convert between weights and find the weight of material (i.e., Tons per Cubic Yard, etc.).

• Find Percent (%) Swell and Shrink! Quickly determine Bank, Compacted and Loose Soil Volumes for any job.

• Simplify Cut/Fill Estimates! Built-in Cut/Fill, Existing and Proposed functions make soil-volume estimates easy.

• “Average” Function! Speeds Grid-Cell - Cut/Fill estimates.


• Easy-to-follow User’s Guide

• Protective Hard Case

• Full One Year Limited Warranty

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