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Dedicated Functions

• Stair calculations for Risers, Treads, Stringer Length and Incline Angle; displays Run and Rise

• Custom Rafter Function provides Common Rafters, Regular and Irregular Hips, Valleys and Jacks. Jack Rafter feature provides complete solutions for Regular and Irregular Pitch roofs. Displays On-center spacing.

• Solutions for Circles, Arcs, Columns, Pillars, Windows, Post-holes and more

• Rake-Wall function determines Stud Length for any On-center Spacing, in Ascending or Descending order

• Board Feet Lumber estimating


• Protective 360° Hard Cover Door

• Easy-to-follow Pocket User’s Guides in English and Spanish

• Long-Life Battery

• Full One-Year Limited Warranty

• English and Spanish CD-ROM with “How-To” Video and User’s Guide

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