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• LCD Display

• Erase Function

• Power Line Indicator

• Power Line Indicator

Feature-Packed for Versatility! The Magna-Trak 102 magnetic locator provides the same basic performance features as the Magna-Trak 100. However, with the addition of our push-button “erase” feature, greater flexibility is achieved and performance is enhanced. When a magnetic disturbance, such as a metal fence, is confronted, simply press the “erase” button and the disturbance is erased for continued searching without interference. No need to reduce the sensitivity; the Magna-Trak 102 always returns to perfect magnetic balance when the “erase” button is pressed. The Magna-Trak 102 locator also includes a power line indicator feature. The LCD panel visually indicates that a power line is present. CAUTION: This feature is an aid only and is not intended for locating buried power lines.

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