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Part Number: GOL26 UPC: 000346387322 Weight: 12.85


  • (1) Automatic Optical Level
  • (1) Plumb Bob
  • (1) Case
  • (1) Tool Kit


  • Self leveling compensator with transport lock which protects pendulum in carrying case against damage and loss of calibration
  • Both horizontal and vertical crosshairs and stadia lines - Measures level, alignment, and estimates distance
  • Solid base metal with 3 precision leveling screws to provide stability in all weather for precision leveling
  • Horizontal circle graduation for determining angles in 1 degree increments with fine motion knob
  • Large aperture
  • 26x power lens
  • Circular bubble vial with 90 degree mirror for easy and fast setup


  • Accuracy: Up to +/- 1/16" @ 100 ft.
  • Length: 3.25"
  • Leveling Type: Magnetically dampened compensator
  • Range: 330 ft.
The Bosch GOL 26 Automatic Optical Level gives users a sharper image because of its larger aperture, which allows for more light and 26X magnification. The level has an accuracy of 1/16--inch at 100 feet and a range of 330 feet. This auto level has both horizontal and vertical crosshairs as well as stadia lines for leveling, alignment and estimating distance. The GOL 26 level has a self-leveling compensator with a transport lock that protects the pendulum in a carrying case against damage and loss of calibration. With its magnetic dampening system the tool is further able to reduce the effects of job site vibration during use.

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