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Part Number: D-TECT150 UPC: 000346394047 Weight: 3


  • Patented Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Radar Technology - Enables the tool to detect material type, depth and relative width information of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, non-metal objects (ie wooden studs and plastic pipes) and live AC wires
  • Seven Detection Modes - Choose from concrete, wet concrete, deep concrete, in-floor heating, drywall, metal and signal view
  • Adjustable Sound Indicator and LED Light - Detects three detection modes - green (no object in detected sensor area), red (object detected in sensor area) and red flashing (live wire detected in sensor area)
  • Calibration-Free - Ready to use at any time
  • Max. detection depth:150 mm
  • Measuring accuracy of object centre: ± 5 mm 
  • Measuring accuracy of indicated permitted drilling depth: ± 5 mm 
  • Detectable materials: Metal, power cables,wood, plastic 
  • Dust and splash protection: IP54 
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA) 
  • Number of possible measurements : 1,000 (non-rechargeable batteries), 1,500 (rechargeable batteries, 2,500 mAh) 
  • Dimensions : 220 x 97 x 120 mm Weight : 0.7 kg
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