Item has been replaced by the Bosch BC660 Details
Part Number: BC130 UPC: 000346345926 Weight: 1.9


Bosch BC130 Specifications:

•  Charger Volt Range: 9.6V - 24V

Bosch BC130 Features:

•  Microprocessor measures internal battery conditions Optimizes energy flow and maximizes battery charge capacity

•  Charges 9.6 volts to 24 volts

•  Keeps you supplied with charged batteries

•  New charging indicator with 2 LEDs is easy to read and provides instant charging status

•  Works With BAT019, BAT021, BAT025, BAT030, BAT040, BAT045, BAT100, BAT120, BAT140, BAT180, BAT181, BAT240 (sold separately)

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