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Part Number: FO-317 UPC:Weight: 0.3


Amana FO-317 Specifications:

•  Size: 1-1/4"

•  Shank : 3/8"

Amana FO-317 Features:

•  Forstner bits make clean sharp holes with straight sides and flat bottoms, for use with any 3/8" or larger portable drill or drill press.

•  With their circular rim, forstner bits can be used for boring operations that are impossible using other types of bits.

•  Such applications include holes drilled at angles to the work surface, overlapping holes, and 'pocket' holes on the edge of work piece.

•  Amana forstner bits are sharp, and accurately ground, with a slight back taper to keep them from binding.

•  Heat-treated carbon steel forstner bits will hold their edge fairly well in solid wood, but will dull rapidly when used on composites, laminates, etc

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