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Part Number: 55392 UPC:Weight: 0.5


Amana 55392 Specifications:

•  Diameter: 1-9/16"

•  Carbide Height: 1-3/8"

•  Shank: 1/2"

•  Length: 3-3/4"

Amana 55392 Features:

•  With this assembly, you can cut one-finger through five-fingers in multiple passes.

•  Both cuts are performed the same way; you simply turn over the counter-cut for a perfect fit (see diagrams).

•  All cutters feature 'chipbreakers' behind each cutting tooth which limits the thickness of the chip, allowing for a safer cut.

•  Assembly includes 5 individual finger cutters, 1/2" shank arbor, 1 straight cutter, ball bearing guide, shims, spacers, washers and complete illustrated instructions.

•  Can be used on 7/16" (1-finger) through 1-3/8" stock (5-fingers).

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