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Part Number: 55388 UPC:Weight: 0.5


Amana 55388 Specifications:

•  Diameter: 1-7/8"

•  Carbide height: 1-3/32"

•  Shank: 1/2"

•  Length: 2-5/8"

Amana 55388 Features:

•  The glue joint cut by this bit is strong and self-aligning.

•  One setup produces both halves of the joint.

•  Adjust the bit so the center of the profile aligns with the stock center.

•  Cut one part face down, the mate face up.

•  Bit works on stock center between 5/8" and 1" in thickness.

•  Must be used in a table-mounted router.

•  Since there is a no guide bearing, use the router-table fence to control the cut.

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