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Amana 55320 Specifications:

•  Type: 90° "V"

•  Large Diameter: 1-13/16"

•  Carbide Height: 1-3/16"

•  Shank Diameter: 1/2"

•  Overall Length: 3-1/8"

Amana 55320 Features:

•  These assemblies are designed to cut tongue & groove joinery for solid wood paneling.

•  Two patterns, a 1/4" bead (#55330) or a 45° ‘V’ (#55320),are available individually or as a set.

•  Each assembly comprises a profile cutter, a rabbet cutter and groove cutter, two different-size bearings, a 1/2" shank arbor, and a selection of washers, shims and spacers.

•  Assemble the profile cutter, small bearing, and rabbet cutter as shown in the solid drawing to cut the tongue.

•  To rout the groove, mount the groover and large bearing with the profiler, as shown in the ghosted drawing.

•  The tool will work with stock from 1/2" through 1" thick

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