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Amana 46200 Specifications:

•  Diameter: 1/8"

•  Carbide Height: 1/2"

•  Shank: 1/4"

•  Length: 2"

•  Type: Down-Cut

Amana 46200 Features:

•  The “down-cut” cuts from the surface down, leaving a smooth edge at the surface.

•  Special unique carbide grade, increased clearance geometry and razor-sharp cutting edges with polish flutes provides a superior finish and longer tool life.

•  Special unique carbide grade for longer lifetime in abrasive materials.

•  These bits are great for production settings and excellent for creating grooves and dado cuts in softwood, hardwoods, plywood and composite materials.

•  Primarily used on CNC machines and other automatic routers.

•  Also can be used with hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.

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