Discontinued Item Details
Part Number: 400 UPC: 088193004005 Weight: 1.25


Aervoe 400 Specifications:

•  Container size: 20 oz. (13-oz. fill)

Aervoe 400 Includes:

•  (1) Cleaner & Degreaser (NF)

Aervoe 400 Features:

•  No flash formula

•  Can be applied while mechanical parts are operating

•  High dielectric strength of 36kV/mm

•  Non-corrosive, non-conductive formula displaces moisture

•  Does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, or chlorinated solvents

•  Includes extension tube for precision application in hard to reach areas

•  Reduces failures and helps to increase equipment life by eliminating faulty operation of dirty moving parts

•  Chains, motors, electrical boxes, aircraft parts, machinery, automotive parts, tools, mechanical brakes and clutches, relays, cables, locks, gears, portable tools, radar equipment, generators, bearings, compressors, switch gears, office machinery, pumps, mechanical brakes and clutches, and more.

Aervoe 400 Safety Solvent HD effectively removes oil, grease, wax, dirt, and moisture. The high-delivery (HD) spray, combined with its unique wetting action penetrates inaccessible areas, effectively flushing away contaminants without leaving a residue.

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