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Part Number: 193 UPC: 088193001936 Weight: 1.25


Aervoe 193 Specifications:

•  Container size: 16 oz. (12-oz. fill)

•  Withstands temperatures up to 1000°F (538° C)

•  Color: White

Aervoe 193 Features:

•  When cured properly, this fast drying paint provides a very hard, durable finish

•  Offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as interior and exterior durability

•  Designed for use on metal surfaces where excessive heat will cause regular paint to blister and crack, such as wood stoves and barbecues

•  Once cured, will not chip off, peel away, discolor or chalk

•  Designed specifically for use on metal surfaces subject to extreme heat

•  Uses: engine manifolds, mufflers, incinerators, radiators, space heaters, barbecues and fireplaces, steam pipes, boilers, furnaces, and gasoline engines

Aervoe Hi-Heat Paint is a flame and heat-resistant coating uniquely formulated to produce a lasting finish that is resistant to surface temperatures reaching up to 1000°F.

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